Advantages of Farming Financing Loan for Farmer Members

Agriculture is one of the thriving sectors in a developing country like the Philippines. It plays a significant role in people’s living in rural areas, which extends its impact in the urban areas. While many of our kababayan rely on Agriculture—especially farmers—as a source of daily income, not everyone has the privilege to sustain the business.

Contrary to stereotypes, farming is a relatively costly endeavor. From land preparation, farm maintenance to farming technologies, some variables need to be addressed to help increase proficiency and production. These are also essentially important to address the high demand for food and other agricultural products.

If you are a farmer, you understand the challenges of running a farm. Financial assistance is crucial to keep the business afloat. That’s where Cebu People’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative Farming Loan Program comes in.

CPMPC Farming Loan Program is a unique program that supports the farming ventures of our farmer-members to expand operations and yield cash crops. Strategic and purposeful use of the loan will set you up for success.

Before you apply to the farming loan program, you want to plan out spending the financial assistance. What resources and technologies will benefit you and keep your business running? How much do you need to borrow? It would be best to answer these prime questions to identify your farming needs before applying for the loan.

Here are farming logistics and plans you should consider to make the most of your loan.

  1. Purchasing Farm Equipment – Farming requires a lot of legwork that includes special equipment or device to do the job. If you have the right equipment—e.g., tractors, farm trucks, ATVs, plows, or silos—it is easier for you to efficiently deliver and make your job easier. You also have t consider the cost of each piece of equipment, including operating expenses and maintenance or repair costs. Once you finalize the equipment you need, factor it into the size of the farming loan you’re planning to get.
  2. The Supplies – CPMPC farming loan can help you get off on the right foot by enabling you to purchase the necessary supplies, whether it is seeds, fertilizer, or irrigation water. You also have to consider that you may not generate any cash until harvest time, so plan your loan accordingly.
  3. Covering Land Costs – A farming loan can help you purchase or lease farmland. The conditions of purchasing farmland can be tricky, and you may need will depend on the farming type you have in mind. In order to efficiently apply for finance, you have to calculate how much land and what type of land you need for your farming goals.
  4. Rebuilding after Natural Disaster – Storms and floods are inevitable in the Philippines. You may experience these natural disasters and face frustration after it affects your livelihood and income generation. In times like this, CPMPC farming loan can help you redeem your farming endeavor. With this, you can get financial assistance to help cover the costs of repairs and operations.
  5. Farming Business Growth – CPMPC advocates for its members’ growth and success. By this means, a farming loan is a tool for farmer members to grow their farming business! Expanding your farming operation takes serious investment for bigger land, larger facilities, more supplies, equipment, and manpower. Picture the idea, evaluate your plans, and execute—as a result, you head on the right track.

The farming industry requires both hard work and financial commitment. You do the hard work, we provide you the finance. CPMPC farming loan is geared to finance its farm members for agricultural pursuits. It is also our goal to help push your endeavor to the next level. Get yourself covered with a farming loan and gear yourself in a prosperous farming future.

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Prime Benefits of Housing Loan for Your Dream Home

One of the most pivotal milestones in every Filipino’s life is owning one’s dream house. The idea of achieving such a milestone, however, is not easy to achieve. Only a handful of people have the privilege to pay for a home outright. It takes time, effort, and sacrifices in order to gather sufficient capital and resources to buy a house. Even if you have the dedication to fulfill such a long-term dream, you cannot easily shed away the anxiety that comes with it.

Planning your dream home consists of financial and strategic considerations, but these should not intimidate you. With Cebu People’s Cooperative, applying for a housing loan can help fast-track your dream home. Fulfilling the life goals of its regular members, Cebu People’s Cooperative has turned many Filipino homeowners’ dreams into reality.

A housing loan, when managed properly, can be your biggest catalyst in materializing your dream faster. Here are the prime benefits of a housing loan to help you visualize your future home!

  • Sense of Fulfillment – Acquiring your own home is one of the biggest financial investments you may make in your lifetime, and it’s all worth it. Apart from its sentimental value, it also signifies a sense of independence. If you are planning to build a family in the future, applying for a housing loan is your first step to your dream home!
  • It is Cost-Effective – Housing loans can help you in the path of homeownership by breaking down the total cost into more affordable monthly installments. With Cebu People’s Cooperative, flexible terms are available for its members. There are also refinancing options to provide low-cost housing terms (e.g. In House or PagIbig).
  • Low-Interest Rate – Housing loans have become very affordable nowadays with interest rates moving downward in the recent past. Although interest rates may go through several fluctuation cycles, it is guaranteed that you will benefit from falling rates at some point in the cycle.
  • Guaranteed Security – Buying a home is a major expense, so you would surely want to ensure that the property you invest in is free of any legal issues. This is where availing of a housing loan comes into the picture. When you approach a cooperative for a housing loan, a background check should be done to ensure the credibility of the builder as well as the property itself. A series of reviews for the paper associated with the property to ensure the legality and legitimacy of the clearance certificates from the local authorities.

Owning your own home is not only a dream come true that consists of many benefits. This would free you from the burden of expensive rental fees and stiff limitations. When you own your own space, you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that you call the shots. Now, that is priceless!

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Kenny Jhon Mandin… The Life I Always Wanted

Defining success differs from one perspective. Each one of us has its different story to tell and how we perceive success. But what does it take to be successful? What’s the true essence of being in that state? Let us take a peek at a success story within the compounds of Cebu People’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative.

Meet Kenny Jhon Mandin, 23 years old, Kenny as fondly called by his peers. He is the eldest of three by a solo mom, mama Fe. During his teenage days, they moved to Cebu from Bohol and experienced that life here was a bit challenging when they started. While his mother made extra efforts by selling banana cues, Kenny goes out on weekends helping his mama by peddling banana cues to neighbors or would go out as “konduktor” or fare collector with his stepfather who’s at that time, a jeepney driver. Doing this made him earn extra for his baon or allowance for the school days. It motivated him to thrive with his studies in a meager income and even made some savings.

During summer vacation, assisting his stepfather is his priority instead of playing basketball or horsing around with friends. Since then, it has given him a good push to do good in school and helping his family. With his persistence and hard work, Kenny made it through, finished high school, then pursued college studies at the nearby technological school, in which mama Fe made an extra effort and enrolled him as influenced by their neighbors whose children are also a student of the said school.

When the pandemic hit the country, the world stopped, but not with Kenny’s. Learned and heard of Cebu People’s Jeep excites Kenny. He applied and was accepted as the passenger assistance officer(PAO) next to the driver. That kept him busy despite the lockdown and while the pandemic challenges both lives and their livelihood. Kenny made much of the crisis by juggling work and studying online.

Some, believe that poverty is a hindrance to success. Kenny made it his inspiration by pursuing his passion, learning, and goal to support his family and never give up with all the life struggles thrown at him. Because Kenny believes in the saying ” When life throws you a lemon make lemonade. ”

Kenny’s determination landed him a permanent job as the official driver of Cebu People’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative CEO. This paves the way to graduate with his electrical engineering technology course from Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise, a nonstock non-profit educational organization founded in the ’90s in Cebu City.

Kenny is planning to pursue his studies and wanted to become a licensed electrical engineer someday. His dreams and desires always get the blessing from the cooperative as it allows its people to pursue building dreams, careers, and future.

In Cebu People’s Coop, we develop programs and services that are mutually beneficial to every member in time of needs and crisis.

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