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Cebu People’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative (CPMPC) Kicks-off Redefined Website

LAPU-LAPU CITY, Philippines — With the surge of technological necessity in an age of social distancing, CPMPC recognizes the importance of a virtual operation, as a dedicated counterpart of their physical headquarters across the country, to uphold consistent quality service and timely support. In times of quarantine, there is a dire need to stay at home while most endeavors have gradually transitioned to virtual activities. In response to this need, CPMPC launches its redefined website and the full-pledged customer support to assist the public, twenty-four, seven.

“The newly revamped website will serve as a virtual office to cater the users and clients with their membership and service inquiries,” said Mr. Macario Quevedo, with with the approval and guidance of the current Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Brian Yap, during the internal project meeting last March 19. For months of ideation, designing, and development, CPMPC is delighted to officially launch the website today, April 16, 2021.

With the pandemic idling some business sectors and livelihoods, Mr. Quevedo made it clear to elevate the plans in helping its members, as well as the future members situated in remote areas with less to no access to cooperative offices through digitalization. Current members can pay their monthly transactions in the comforts of their home while getting up-to-date advisories and announcements through website and social media pages.

Another goal of the website project is to fully solidify CPMPC’s status as one of the most reputable cooperatives in the country—and their branding comes into play. Faithful to its corporate mission, CPMPC provides easy access to competitive financial services and resources for its people’s sustainable growth and development—this time, with the advent of modern technology’s web and social media portal.

With its immersive supergraphics and animations, the restructured website provides an up-close-and-personal experience about CPMPC’s services, its people, principles, and leadership. There is now an easier way to learn about the breakdown of what the services have in store, and to browse information based on the user’s personal preference.

The current clients, members, and prospective collaborators will find the snapshots of the myriad of services on the homepage, as it is aesthetically designed to visually communicate to the people. Embedded videos will capture the attention of prospect members to understand the quick process and requirements of Coop regular membership. The most updated real-time statistics of the CPMPC’s illustrative financial and people’s growth is also highlighted.

Amongst the new features, the website integrates the newly-optimized Facebook Page, COOP Radio, and added Instagram and Twitter accounts to foster improved communication with clients and members. A real-time chat support also comes in handy to those who want to chat with representatives for immediate concerns.

The vibrant Cebu People’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative website is just the beginning of the cooperative’s innovative automated shift. Cutting-edge thought leadership, future projects like MyStore, MangPipol’s media coverages, and future successes will simultaneously commence soon!

Stay tuned.