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In times of need, We're here for you.

We develop programs and services that are mutually beneficial to every member in times of need. Be part of us and let us work together in sustaining the excellence that we gain.

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419+ Employees as of 2020
105,285+ Members as of 2020
25+ Cooperatives Nationwide


SC Products

In times of uncertainties, having secured savings is the key to stay afloat in any life circumstances. Check out our array of savings and shared capital products that aim to assist every hopeful family in supporting their children’s education and future life endeavors.

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Livelihood is the bloodline of every family. In order to sustain the needs, every family must have the capability to finance their business endeavors. With this, we recognize the importance of providing financial assistance to those who aim to nurture their businesses.

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Take charge of your financial security! Be smart and strategic in growing your wealth while generating additional income streams if needed ahead in the future. Take the first step in securing your future by learning about our future products.

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My Store

A unique business model for existing and start-up micro-retail enterprises with enhanced operational systems, equipment, and logistics access to goods and supplies.

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News and Events

Prime Benefits of Housing Loan for Your Dream Home
May 4, 2021

One of the most pivotal milestones in every Filipino’s life is owning one’s dream house. The idea of achieving such a milestone, however, is not easy to achieve. Only a handful of people have the privilege to pay for a...

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Growing Your Business with Us: Capital Business Loan is the Key
April 28, 2021

Many small businesses are probably using a capital business loan to succeed, so it makes sense if you’re considering the same. Capital business loan is a powerful tool to help fund, launch, and grow a small business. As a business...

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In Cebu People’s Coop, we develop programs and services that are mutually beneficial to every member in time of needs and crisis.

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